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Coming Events


Central Australia

Vision Quest April 2019 Dr. Rafael Locke


Central Desert

  Advanced Shamanic Training Next Entry Point for Advanced Shamanic Practice : April 2019 Dr. Rafael Locke

P: 0417-964-777

E: rafael43@bigpond.com

Central Desert

Western Australia

Mixed Sweat Lodges

Every Thursday 6:30pm

Paul (0414 224 269)

Fremantle, Beaconsfield

Mens Sweat Lodges

Every Sunday 6:30pm


Womens Sweat Lodges

First and Third Tuesday of every month at 6.15 pm

Eileen (0421 579 110) or Diane (0415 832 345)

South Australia

Mixed Sweat Lodges

8am - Every other Sunday of the month

Emma (0405 785 682) or

Lez (0417 817 675) or

Andries (0414 935 191)

McLaren Vale

Women's Sweat Lodges 8am - Every 3rd Sunday of the month

Men's Sweat Lodges

8am - Every 1st Sunday of the month


(PLEASE NOTE If the forecast temperature is 35 degrees Celsius or above the sweat lodge will be  cancelled. Please check the Sweat line the morning of the sweat for details.)




Mixed Sweats

Every Sunday at 6pm

from February thru December



If you have sweated previously, please book into a sweat lodge by phoning the SOTEMS Sweat lodge booking line on (03) 9729-6106 before the day of the sweatlodge.  If you are sweating for the first time, please phone Greg (0407 683 465) or Tahli (0412 362 439) before the day of the sweatlodge to discuss how to prepare and what to expect.

(First time participants please arrive no later than half an hour before the sweatlodge for orientation to the sweat lodge and protocols, else there is the possibility that you might not be allowed to sweat.)


East Brunswick


Men's Sweat Lodge


First Monday of every month (7pm)



Women's Sweat Lodge

First Thursday of every Month (7pm)



  Subscribe to the Victorian Mailing List for updated information at the SOTEMS Victoria Mailing List

New South Wales

Sweat Lodge 1st Sunday of every month at 10am

Women's Sweat lodge - 3rd Sunday of every month at 10am

(Refer to the Sweat lodge page for dates and details)

Andrew (Orion)




041-395-6819 for Women's Sweat Lodge

Avoca Beach

Central Coast

Northern New South Wales
  Sweatlodge Once a month on a Saturday at 6:00pm for a 6:30pm start

(Refer to the Sweat lodge page for dates and details)



Byron Bay

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