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Women Only


Shamanism for Women: Traversing the Worlds of Self

Healesville, Melbourne : 4 modules throughout 2017 + 2018

Traversing the Worlds of Self’ is a four module residential program for women focussing on Pachamama (Mother Earth), the Chakana (Andean Cross) and the SOTEMS Dreaming Wheel. The program can be undertaken as single modules, or in sequence.

The program focuses on:

  • a deeper connection to women’s traditional healing

  • discovering personal healing through ritual

  • self discovery of one’s spiritual path

  • building a spiritual community of women’s medicine

Traversing the Worlds of Self is for women who wish to face the challenge of navigating through their many selves, to reconnect with their own strength and resources as they weave their personal life stories. They are walking, or wanting to walk their spiritual path through ritual, community and accessing traditional wisdom.

Through challenging ceremonial work navigate your interior landscapes and access your own healing

North:  Courage & Strength

The journey around the medicine wheel continues in the North where you connect to the powerful energies of Pachamama and Wiracocha, crossing the portals of the Chakana into the worlds and layers of the self.  The North is a call for courage and strength as you plummet the depths of your life, shedding the past that weighs you down. Allow yourself to be stripped to your bones of a past that may cling too tightly. It is a time to find your voice and your courage to enable you to move into and through difficulties that present themselves to you and your path. Call upon the virtues of the North to confront your fears and help you forge and continue your path into the unknown.

Date:            28–30 April 2017

West:  Healing & Compassion

The West is the place of healing and compassion, the place of Pachamama, the mothers and grandmothers.  As the flesh begins to cover your bones, we traverse the West reconnecting with the powerful feminine.  A time to honour your female ancestry, receiving the gifts and wisdom of the women who have walked before you.  It is also a time to heal wounds that may still block the heart.

Date:             22–24 September 2017

South:  Your Medicine/Your Wisdom

We step through the doorway of the South into the darkness of the unknown.  A place to rediscover the innate force within you, that which connects you with your natural essence, your medicine.

Date:   17–19 November 2017

East:  Birth

In the East, the rising sun illumes the potential, the creative seed within. This is a time to explore your life path, your creativity; envisioning the full potential of your being.                   

Pachamama, the Earthmother, holds you as your soul takes flight opening to the creative energy of the East. Be claimed by life, be born ready to continue your path around the medicine wheel of your own life, weaving your own authentic story.

Date:   16–18 March 2018

Cost of program

Individual module $480 each or $1850 for all 4 modules (East, North, West & South)

Cost includes all food and camping fees

About the facilitators

 Waqamayu offers shamanic programs and ceremony for women and men who wish to:

  • establish a deeper connection to traditional healing

  • discover personal healing through ritual; and

  • discover and walk their spiritual path.


Maria-Elena Appeldorff has been involved in the healing arts since she was fifteen years old.  Her spiritual path has taken her to experience and practice many different modalities, working with people of different ages and gender. She currently works from her private room as a Transpersonal Counsellor and uses ceremonial work to assist people through life transitions. Maria-Elena is a member of Spirit of the Earth Medicine Society and initiated elder in this community.  Her interest in Shamanism has led her to travel around Australia, including spending time in dance and ceremony with Aboriginal women.  The development and performance of ceremony is the aspect of healing which Maria-Elena feels most passionate about.


Maria-Elena Bravo is a member of the Spirit of the Earth Medicine Society.  She has undertaken rigorous training in shamanic work and medicine ways over the past twenty years.  Maria-Elena has a deep interest in South American shamanic traditions and has worked with healers in Peru and Mexico.  She has considerable experience in the creation of ceremony and a particular area of interest is in assisting people in and through ceremonial work.  She has facilitated ceremonies, shamanic workshops, and participated in ceremonial work with women elders of the Central Desert and Q’eros community in the Peruvian  Andes.

Further Information

Email: waqamayushamanicwork@yahoo.com.au

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Women's Sweat Lodges


White Gum Valley (Crnr Stevens St. and Nannine St.)

First and Third Tuesday of every month at 6.15pm
Contact Eileen 0421-579-110


McLaren Vale - Twenty Eight Road (Off Chalk Hill Road - behind White Gum cottage)

Third Sunday of every month.

Contact Emma 0405-685-682




CERES 8 Lee Street, East Brunswick
1st Thursday of each month 7:00pm (except January)

Contact the sweat line (03) 9513 5959




Avoca Beach (Central Coast)

Third Sunday of every month at 10am

Contact Ursula on 041-395-6819

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