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Men Only


Men's Initiation Program

The initiation program is part of the ceremonial practice and cultural property of the Spirit of the Earth Medicine Society.

All of the parts of the ceremony have been adapted from traditional Native American practices through which Dr. Locke has passed. In this process, and because of his status as a separately initiated medicine person, Dr. Locke has the right to conduct the ceremony and this right has been passed onto the Society. The ceremony has been translated into an idiom which reflects the spirit of this country (Australia) and the emerging tradition of the Spirit of the Earth Medicine Society, rather than leaving it in its original forms which are alien to us and do not address our place in this society in this country. Some elements of the original have been preserved because they speak to us in a meaningful way in the process of becoming men.


Before the ceremony begins there are seven days before the day the major ceremony commences in which you are required to perform rituals at sunrise. These details will be made available on registration. You are also required to bring a dozen items which are necessary for the ceremony. A Sweat Lodge ceremony will be performed at the commencement and end of the major initiation.


Once the ceremony has started, one may not leave. Do not ask. All directions must be followed. They will be explained carefully more than once each time. No part of this ceremony may be described to others in any detail. It should be kept as your personal experience, an ordeal, which may not be diminished by idle banter or romantic embellishment.

On Registration

On registration you will be advised of the preparation, including prayers, materials and the week long ritual practice required. There will also be a story which is the template for the initiation ceremony which you should read many times before you arrive on the day of your initiation. You may also involve your birth mother and father, or another person who will represent them. The mother will be required on the morning of the first day and at return, and your father will participate in the closing ceremony.

A ceremony in which the initiated men and women come together will follow.

This ceremony is offered throughout Australia in each of the States. Details about which States are currently planning to offer this ceremony can be found in the Coming Events Page.

Contact Lez 0417817675


Men's Sweat Lodges


White Gum Valley (Crnr Stevens St. and Nannine St.)

Every Sunday 6.30pm 
Contact Paul 0414 224 269


First Sunday of the month

Contact Lez 0439494633


CERES 8 Lee Street, East Brunswick
1st Monday of each month (except January) at 7.00pm

Contact Guy 0407 495 076

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