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For the Journey


Spring Equinox Ceremony

The ceremony frees us from the past and any enmity that we hold onto. Here song, dance, art, and drama flow to welcome the changing season, when life begins its renewal of Nature. We ask that all that stands between us and life fall away so that we may reach each other again. In participating we feel darkness and coldness of the heart goes and is replaced by warmth and light.

Pathfinders - Ceremonies for Youth

A program of personal and spiritual development for youth. This is a unique program in Australia. It draws upon the wisdom and techniques of many cultures and the offerings of modem psychology and healthcare to provide youth with a map and compass for their journey through the difficult time of adolescence. We offer Vision Quest, rites of passage, healing, and personal empowerment.

Wholeness and Awakening Ceremony

This ceremony is concerned with situations where a person may not be whole but in the sense that they are fragmented, for whatever reason, and unable to function well. The ceremony is directed at a range of life situations.

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