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Individual ceremonies conducted by the Society are taught to initiated apprentices. It is important for each member of the Lodge to establish where they are in their spiritual life....self-reflection and an assessment of values and life direction for example.

Individual training is often under the guidance of a mentor/trainer or through training programs offered from time to time. This includes meditative practices and rituals, totems in journey work, divination and healing work, and the use of medicine objects.

Much apprentice work is in the development, orientation and exploration of the medicine wheel as a Dreaming Wheel or Circle reflecting the spiritual life of Australia, the country, and Australians, the people.

Visionary work is central to developing one's individual medicine, but within the safe containers of stories, myths and traditional formats of the Society. It also includes opportunity to explore ceremonial practice: what is ceremony, the psychology of ceremony, competencies in running ceremonies etc. so that members may then become involved after some years of practice in creative developments such as Druidic, Norse, and other cultures translated into an Australian idiom.

This is an exciting prospect: co-creation of tradition.

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