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Many of the community healing ceremonies offered by the Society use sacred theatre which have spiritual themes and which are educational and entertaining. In 1996, the first production was "Dancing the Buddha" which was a huge success.

Here are some specific SOTEMS healing ceremonies:

Three World Healing

This ceremony offers healing to someone who is in a far off place geographically, or unavailable, such as in hospital. It offers healing at a distance, but from the perspective that we are all connected together in time and space.

Snake Medicine

Many cultures involve snake medicine as bivalent in its operation on the body, allowing one to reconnect with the place and time of when one was well and dis-ease free, removing what should not be there and restoring health.

Spirit Canoe

The Spirit Canoe ceremony offers reconnection and reorientation for people who suffer a sense of soul loss and disorientation.

Ritual of Grieving and Forgiveness

This ritual is best performed in the Spring when the death of the earth passes and life begins again. Each person prepares for the ceremony by collecting together memorabilia of that which they grieve for, that which they need release from.

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